Introduction to 401k Annuities

401k annuities might calm your retirement fears. Many people have a hard time figuring out how much they can afford to withdraw from... 


Advantages of 401k Annuities

If, in retirement, you want to collect guaranteed income in the form of a predictable pay check for the rest of your life, you’ll... 


Drawbacks to 401k Annuities

Financial services firms that offer 401k annuities believe they’ll become as popular as target retirement funds, which let workers... 

401k Annuities Gaining Popularity

Pension Annuity

When your investments in your pension plan reach maturity and and you plan to retire you can transfer the full value into regular income... 

Annuties in 401k Plans

Buying an Annuity with a 401k

Buying an annuity with a 401k is a topic with much debate.  People in the insurance industry support it with open arms, while the...